Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A shot in the neck

As I said yesterday, Kaswyn got the day off because he got his shots. Technically, he just got one combined shot that horses should get twice a year (flu/rhino). The shots that he gets yearly he'll get in the spring.

The last two years that Kaswyn got his yearly shots, his neck swelled up. A small lump and a little soreness at the injection site is common, but my horse was so swollen and stiff that he couldn't put his head down to eat his hay. The first year it was a complete shock, and it took a good two weeks for him to return to normal. You'd think that something so significant would stick in my memory, but it didn't. So this past spring it happened again. If I had remembered, I would have had the vet give the shots in different locations - like two on one side of his butt, one on the other, and one in each side of the neck, plus a shot of anti-inflammatory to help with the swelling. But I didn't so we had to deal with the aftermath again.

Fortunately, the vet gave just the one shot in his neck, plus a shot of anti-inflammatory. Hopefully this will work. If I had been thinking I would have had the vet give the shot in his butt, however I forgot to say something first. If his butt got sore from the shot, at least he could still eat!

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