Friday, November 17, 2006

Communication is key

As you probably know, we have two daughters. Both have been precocious in a variety of ways. They both got many, many teeth early, walked at 10 months, and Lily was speaking in complete and intelligeble sentences by the time she was two.

Macey is now 16 months old. She is starting to say some words, and even is able to tell you what she wants without all the screaming. She can say all the normal things, like Mama, Daddy, no, and mine. But she also says shoes, socks, feet, all-done, and more. And anything that you ask her to say she'll try and say back. It's not always clear, but she makes a good stab at it.

A day or two ago Macey went into the kitchen screaming and fussing. I followed her in there to find her tugging at the fridge. So I asked her, "Macey, do you want some cheese?" and the said "Cheese!". I got her some cheese, and asked her to say thank you. She said, "Phoo choo.", which is pretty damn close. She happily wandered back to the family room to look at books.

When the cheese was gone she repeated the walk and scream routine to the fridge. I asked if she wanted more cheese, to which she replied "No! No! No!" Then I asked, "What do you want?" and she said "Mawlk." I presented her with a sippy cup of milk, and that made her happy.

Which she is not at the moment. She wants to go night-night. I know because she told me.

I gotta go. I don't need my youngest to ream me a new one.

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janice said...

First manners are so "awww"some. :)

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