Sunday, November 26, 2006

The challenge continues

In case you haven't been paying attention, Craig and I are both doing this NaBloPoMo thing where we update our blogs every day for the whole month of November. It's funny how we've both been reminding each other to post, and "claiming" certain stories for our blogs. The other day something funny happened and I said "I got dibs on blogging that one!" That's just really sad.

I've been trying not to repeat or retell any of Craig's postings, but it's been challenging. Here's the thing - Craig is my best friend. I know that sounds super sappy and makes you want to puke, but it's so true. I tell him everything. Even when he tells me "Look, when you talk about that it just pisses me off so don't tell me about it.", I still have to talk to him about it because that's what I do. Keeping a secret from him is damn near impossible. When I buy him a gift I either want to give it to him right away or tell him what it is because I want him to know about it.

So, anyway, we share so much with each other that our lives overlap a lot. Hence, the stories are the same. Which means I've had to be creative. That's more his department than mine.

Well, I need to wrap this up. We only have one computer at home, and Craig still needs to post today. If I hog the machine I'll get static from "the writer". And nobody wants that.

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