Sunday, November 19, 2006

It would have been lucky if I had found it

Kaswyn lost a shoe today while he was turned out. The good news is he didn't tear up his foot too badly when he pulled it off. The bad news is I walked around the turnout pen and couldn't find the shoe, so I'll have to pay for a new one.

There is a debate out there amung horse people whether or not to turn show horses outside. If you don't put them out then they never throw shoes, get bitten up by flies, or get injured being doofuses in the pasture. But I happen to think it's wrong to keep horses in their stalls all the time, so my horse is at a barn where he goes outside every day, weather permitting. True, I have to deal with it when he gets a cut or loses a shoe, but I think he's physically and mentally better for it. Most people actually agree with me, but every now and then you come across someone who doesn't. I feel sorry for their horses.

Hopefully I can get the blacksmith out to put a new shoe on him before Thanksgiving. If not, we won't be working for a week since I can't ride him with one shoe off. Blah.

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Amaranth said...

I once worked for a man who owned Appaloosa show horses. We showed on the national circuit in halter, western, english, etc. He just about had a heart attack when I put his prize two-year-old outside by himself. The poor horse had never been outside (or anywhere for that matter) unsupervised, and he just stood there not knowing what to do. Eventually he came and stood by the gate in his perfect halter-horse pose. Never once did her walk around or run and play or anything. Just stood there waiting for me to bring him in. How sad. I quit shortly after that. When the horses are robots, they're not nearly as fun.

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