Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Here are some unrealted thoughts that I have had today. None of them are beefy enough to make a whole post, but I feel they are worth mentioning.

I started watching Six Feet Under on Bravo. I never watched it on HBO, because we have never had pay cable channels. However, I am now addicted to the show. I don't know why, but I love it. I realize I'm probably missing out on something, like nudity and profanity since it's been edited for basic cable, but I still dig it. They show two episodes every Monday night and once I watch the first one I'm sucked in and must watch episode #2. I'm confused about some things that are going on, because I think I've missed some shows, but basically I get it. Maybe I'll get the DVD's for Christmas. Craig also suggested I get a time machine so I can manufacture some free hours in which to watch them. Ha ha.

Lily's new favorite word is "ginormous", as in "giagantic + enormous". Anything that's even slightly large, or larger than something else, is ginormous. It might be spelled gianormous, but I can't be sure. She got it from some toy commercial. Aren't we great parents? Another cute thing she also says is "punkman" for "pumpkin". I know we should correct her, but it's so damn cute.

Lately I've been reconnecting with old girlfriends from the barn. In some cases I can't figure out why I lost touch with these people in the first place. Finding them has been interesting. In two cases I've emailed these ladies' brothers to get their phone numbers. One gal now lives in Alaska. I know I complain about Cleveland winters coming from mild California, but holy shit, ALASKA? I don't know how she can stand it. Sadly, one friend still remains unfound. I wrote a paper letter to her mother's last known address asking if she could give her daughter my contact information. I haven't heard anything for weeks, and I haven't gotten the letter back, so I don't know what's up with that. I still have hope. And it's so much fun to talk with these gals again. We were all so young and stupid and had such good times with the horses.

I will not be having a lesson on Kaswyn today. He's getting wormed and shots today, so we're going to have to work something else out this week. If not, there's always next week. My trainer sent me an email and she's not mad at me. I didn't really think she was, I was just teasing her a little because I know she reads this. Sounds like she was really worried that I thought she was mad. I hope people realize that most of this stuff is written a little tongue-in-cheek and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Lastly, I voted today. I've never voted in a mid-term election before, but Ohio had two issues on the ballot about banning public smoking that I wanted to vote on. I neglected to change my address with the board of elections so they did not have me on record, which resulted in my having to fill out a paper ballot instead of electronic. For some reason, Craig was still on the list, but with the old address, so he had to fill out a paper ballot as well. It was a bit of a pain in the ass and Craig is dubious that our votes will be counted.

So I did my civic duty today! Did you?

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craig said...

Random thoughts? She's starting to crack under the pressure! I bet tomorrow's post is about what we have for dinner tonight. : )

What are we having for dinner tonight?

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