Friday, November 24, 2006

I got nothin'

Okay, I've started this post five times now. It's apparent that I have nothing to say today. I know there's a book out there that's titled something like Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch - 100 Ideas For Your Blog. Seems like I should have picked up a copy.

Craig was teasing me a few days ago, saying that he thought it was much easier for him to write a post than it was for me. Well, it should be. He's a WRITER. I told him that it would probably be easier for me to do an embryo transfer than it would be for him to do one. While I don't think people are upset when I write, I think there would be a little bit of an uproar if he went into the IVF lab.

So while I can't write as easily or as well as Craig, I can write. It might take a long time, and it might suck, but I can get it done.

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