Saturday, November 25, 2006


I made reservations at a hotel in Lexington, Virginia for September 25 - 30, 2007. Why have I done this? Because Sport Horse Nationals is happening then and there, that's why. I realize that it's wishful thinking, but on the off chance that -

A) We can get Kaswyn going sound and even
B) We can get him (and me) back up to competition shape
C) We can get him schooling and perfecting the movements to Prix St. George (and maybe Intermediare 1), the level that he was showing before all of this mess, and
4) I can afford it

..I want to go to Sport Horse Nationals. I don't want to wait until I know for sure that we're going to make the reservations because all of the good hotels that are close to the show grounds sell out quickly. Actually my first choice hotel was sold out for that time period, but the hotel I've chosen is just as close to the show grounds and just as nice. And it includes a free breakfast - not the continental breakfast of doughnuts and coffee - but a real breakfast of muffins, eggs, meats, cereal, and make your own waffles. Which makes it totally worth it at a horse show.

With luck, and hard work, I think we can get there.

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