Friday, November 10, 2006

Does he miss it as much as I do?

This weekend my trainer took three horses and two students to a show. One of the students was the owner of the barn, and she asked me to feed the horses their hay and close up the barn this evening. She also called my cell phone to make sure I got the message to close the dutch doors on the horses stalls, but for some reason my cell phone didn't list the number that she called from. So I called my trainer to tell her that I got the message and closed the doors.

My trainer was at the show because one of her students rides this evening. When I called I could hear everyone there talking in the background, making comments to my trainer, and laughing. This made me really sad because I haven't been to a show in a long time.

I used to go to almost all the shows my trainer went to. Kaswyn and I would also do local schooling shows that are cheap and low pressure. I really really miss showing. Here are some of the things I miss about it -

Running through the test in my head for days before the show
Bathing and clipping my horse
Packing nice white breeches, polo wraps, and saddle pads for the show
The way my horse acts when I put his shipping boots on and he knows he's going to a show
The fact that my horse pactically jumps on the trailer himself cause he's so excited
Feeding my horse and watching him eat
Picking poop out of his stall so he has a clean place to lie down if he wants to
Grooming and tacking before the class
Getting dressed and tying my stock tie
Riding the test
Watching other people ride and cheering them on
Sitting with everyone afterwards to bullshit about our rides
Dinner with friends, even if it's only with a Miller Lite and Burger King
Coming home

I had a nice ride on my horse tonight, so hopefully we're on the road to being able to show again. Maybe next year.

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