Monday, November 06, 2006

A new post every day?

What was I thinking?

This blog was supposed to chronicle both my horse and my kids and sort of make fun of the fact that I don't have a lot of free time.

So what do I do? Commit to spending more time that I don't have on this blog? Not the smartest thing I ever did. Sure, I could give up now, but it's only SIX DAYS into November. I'm not going to puss out just yet.

I wonder how many other people are already whining about updating their blogs every day.

Anyhow, I need to continue with my story, but it's not happening tonight. I worked this past weekend and when that happens I get less sleep than usual. So I'm going to bed.

Don't like it? Suck it.

Wait, wait. Lily just came in while I was typing. She was playing in the living room with her daddy and here is exactly what she said.

"Mamma! Our robot pooped! He pooped and pooped everywhere! So we need to go back in the living room so we can see where he pooped!"

And then she ran out of the room. Don't ask me what that was all about. That kid has got a crazy imagination. Or maybe there really is robot poop in the living room. I don't think I would even know what robot pooped looked like if I saw it. A pile of nuts and bolts in some kind of oil?

Gross. I'm going to bed.

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craig said...

Just for the record: I came up with the robot, Lily came up with the poop.

That's my girl!

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