Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another ride and a drain job

I was lucky tonight when I rode to have my trainer riding in the arena again. She was able to help me with Kaswyn, but tonight was a little more difficult than Tuesday. Kaswyn was taking very uneven strides with his front legs, and I was having a hard time getting him even. Fortunately he was very willing and we were able to work through some of his issues.

I have increased the number of days that I ride Kaswyn and actually do work from two to three. I'm keeping the amount of time that I ride him the same, so I don't stress his muscles or joints too much in one session. So far I think it's been okay, but tonight it was so challenging to get him even. A year ago the issue was keeping him from getting uneven. Now the hurdle is getting him even in the first place.

My trainer and I discussed how he was looking and feeling. She said she was being optimistic in thinking that it's just going to take time to re-build his back and stomach muscles so that he can have the carrying power that he used to. It will take a lot of slow steady work to get him back there, and I hope he holds up.

In sewer news, Craig posted a picture of our front yard drain repair here. Good news - both sewer and storm drain lines have been repaired. Bad news - our yard is going to be a muddy mess until spring. I think we've found a unique way of not having to rake leaves.

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