Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm not sure how Kaswyn was yesterday. He was so excited about being ridden that he felt 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide. He was all puffed up and was just running through my aids, so he felt uneven and hurried. When I slowed him down he felt much more cadenced, but it was like riding a bomb itching to go off. I asked my trainer how she thought he looked and she agreed that he was better when he was going with a nice slow tempo.

However, I saw something I didn't like. I was looking in the mirrors and I thought I saw a definate difference in the height of the right and left front legs, with the left not coming as high. It was hard for me to be certain, because the mirrors are not at a spot where I could see Kaswyn from the side while he was going in a straight line. I could see parts of us as we went around a circle, but that meant that we were turning and at an angle every time I could look. So it was hard for me to tell for sure.

My trainer says she thinks that even when he was in his best shape he was never really even, and that it looked to her like he was as even yesterday as he has ever been since the whole lameness saga. She thinks it kind of felt to her like he was body sore when she rode him at that last lesson of mine, which is entirely possible since I had been pushing a bit more then I am want to do. I have to say that yesterday he felt even, excited to work, and eager to please. Like he didn't have pain anywhere.

So I'm going to not call the vet yet, and I'll keep riding. He certainly isn't lame, and doesn't have any noticeable inflammation or discomfort. My plan is to give him two solid days off a week, with one easy day. I'm going to make sure that our four training days a week are split up so that I never have two training days in a row. I think this will give him a chance to rest between training sessions and hopefully avoid further injury.

I'm 90% sure that he's fine. It's that 10% hanging in the back of my mind that bothers me. If my horse were more of a wimp, and had less heart, I think I wouldn't be worried at all. But I'm scared that he'd rather work while he's hurt than not work at all.


craig said...

> But I'm scared that he'd rather work while he's hurt than not work at all.

Huh, kinda like his owner. : )

Dressage Mom said...

Hush up, you.

Rising Rainbow said...

OK, you too, no fighting on the blog comments. lol

I think you wouldn't be a caring owner if you didn't have that 10%. No matter how good he gets, you'll probably still have that 10% in some form or another, will it last, is it real, you know the kinds of doubts.

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