Friday, November 02, 2007

That's enough out of you

My horse is driving me crazy.

I decided that since I wasn't really sure what was wrong with Kaswyn this time that I would really hand walk him instead of getting on him and walking him. This means that he spends way too much time trying to bite me. Now, he's not really trying to hurt me, or scare me, but he puts on this huge act because he wants to get a reaction out of me. And he usually does, because if I don't yank his head out of the way or jump out of the way myself he might accidentally bite me.

We go through this every time I'm on hand-walking duty. I've been trying to mix it up and lunge him at the walk when possible, but I really don't like doing that if someone is having a lesson or trying to ride. I'm going to try very hard and stick to my earlier decision not to get on his back, but he's trying my patience. I don't know how much more I can stand from the little booger. And based on yesterday I'm not sure how much more nonsense I'll put up with.

I was walking him in the arena on the lunge line. I had been making him walk in a large circle, far away from me, but then this gal came in for her lesson on her 5 year old gelding. He is a fabulous horse with spectacular gaits and has a very sweet personality. However, since he was just gelded a few months ago, and being five, he likes to play even when he's ridden. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently during his schooling he'll get over exuberant and just leap playfully in the air, kicking and bucking. They say it's amazingly athletic and not meant to pitch the rider, but still kind of scary. He hasn't unloaded his young owner yet because she's very calm and it doesn't rattle her when he does it. She just goes with him and stays on.

Anyhow, when she started walking in the arena waiting for our trainer to start her lesson, I shortened the lunge line so we'd be out of the way. After a few minutes I decided to switch directions and asked Kaswyn to reverse. He decided to take the opportunity to come closer to me and take a shot at grabbing my jacket. He did get his teeth on me, so I reacted without thinking and took the looped end of the lunge line and swatted him in the shoulder.

Just then I saw that the gal and her young horse were behind Kaswyn as I did it, but it was too late. The young horse spooked HUGE, dropping down next to the arena wall and banging his feet against the boards. Then he leaped up into the air and jumped a few strides towards the center of the ring. She got him stopped without a problem, but it was pretty impressive that she didn't fall off considering the fact that she had been walking him on a very loose rein.

I apologized heartily, and felt really bad, but she didn't seem upset at all. She just sort of shrugged and said "It's okay, we're fine." Kaswyn knew that he had done something wrong, because for the next few minutes he walked very slowly with his head up and eyes front, one ear pinned on me, as if to say "Hey! Look at me! I'm not doing ANYTHING I'm not supposed to! I'm good! SEE?"

Of course ten minutes later he was back to his old tricks. No surprise there, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Ain't all that screwing around grand? Hen is the same way. He thinks it's mighty funny to invade your space and try to climb on top of you. I hope Kaswienner is ok. I took Simon in to see Doc and it's not good news. He's now an official pasture ornament. He thinks that he may have fractured his hip this summer slipping or something and so he's now broke. Best I can do is what I can to keep him comfy. He's bright eyed and bushy tailed other then the broke part. He shuffles around the best he can and I'm pretty sure he's in no more pain then his normal arthritis pains and his weight is great, so it's lovin till the end from now on.

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