Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fairly Decent

After a day off yesterday Kaswyn felt pretty good today. We worked at the walk and trot for about 15 minutes, no circles, with rounded corners. Before I got on I felt his leg and the injured one was cooler and less puffy than the other one, which is evidence to me that the Surpass cream is working.

I did a little online research about the injury that Kaswyn has, and I read an article that said it's common in performance horses who experience an increase in work level. It's also caused by imperfect leg conformation and riding on hard surfaces. I read another article that said that many horses have some amount of fusion between the cannon bone and the splint bone, with increasing amounts of fusion as the horse either ages or works harder. This made me wonder if there was a way to chemically induce fusion of the two bones, since doing that would stop the motion of the bones and therefore end the pain. It seems to me that's what we want to have happen anyway, and if they can inject joints like hocks why can't they inject the space between those bones?

In the reading I did it seems that a few studies have concluded that pin firing is not effective. The consensus is that it's the long weeks of time off after the pin firing that actually heal the injury and not the procedure itself. All of this information just raises new questions that I'm going to want to talk with Dr. B about.

Tomorrow is another day off for Mr. K. We'll see what Tuesday holds.

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