Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to the barn

It was really nice to go out to the barn today and ride after not seeing Kaswyn for 5 days. I know he was in great hands with my trainer, but I like to go out every day and check his progress especially when he's in recovery mode.

I rode my horse for about 20 minutes. He felt great, and the leg was cold when I checked it before I put his polo wrap on. I tried hard to watch his movement in the mirrors as I rode past, but it's hard to see exactly what's going on due to where the mirrors are placed in the arena. It would be great to be able to see my horse going directly from the side, but as it is I can only see him as he is turning around a corner or on a circle. What I did see looked nice and even, with a decent amount of spring and a nice step. Right now things look good, but I know that the whole situation could go pear shaped at any time.

Oh, and I think I got a call from my vet on Thursday (or Friday, I can't remember which day it was). He called while I was away from my phone, but Craig picked it up. I think Dr. B must have thought he had the wrong number, because he hung up. Craig said the caller ID said "Private Call", which it usually says when Dr. B calls back. So it was either my vet, a wrong number, or a mystery person. Hmmmm... so intriguing!

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Rising Rainbow said...

A good ride, that's a good sign. I hope it keeps up.

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