Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Deers am gonna get me!

Yesterday marked the last day of hand walking for Kaswyn. When I got to the barn it was cloudy, but not too cold out so I decided on one last walk down the driveway. I know it could be months before we get a chance to get back outside.

So we start walking down the driveway, and all is well. I'm enjoying the last hours of fall weather when we happened to startle three deer who were in the woods. Now usually it's hard to rattle my horse, but these deer gave no signs that they were there until they bolted noisily away from us and deeper into the trees.

Kaswyn dropped down, jumped to the side, landed with all four legs spread wide, and then snorted in the direction on the deer for a minute or two. I tried to get him to keep walking, but he was clearly thinking, "No way lady! There is something seriously scary in those trees. The only place I'm going is back to my nice, safe stall!"

I was able to calm him down, and we walked not only to the end of the driveway, but a little ways up the street. Snorting and blowing most of the way, Kaswyn even spooked at the cows on the corner which he usually doesn't give a second glance to. Of course this amused me to no end, having my 16 year old gelding act like a two year old. I'm sure I wouldn't have thought it so funny if he'd have gotten loose or hurt himself, but as it was it was cheap harmless mirth.

We got halfway back down the driveway for the grazing portion of our walk. About five minutes before I was going to head back it started to rain. I'm feeling very lucky for being able to get outside for one last time.

And no more hand walking cause I get to ride my pony today! Yay!


EquineSpirit said...

Glad to hear you got to spend some more time outside before it gets icky! And the part about the deer made me LOL! :D I can just picture that episode!!

Jessica Burkhart said...

It's great that your 16 year old has so much spirit! :)

Echo said...

We have loads of deer in the forest where I ride as well - they come out of nowhere!

The other day one leaped out about a foot in front of our horses. Both of them stopped and jumped a little, but it disappeared into the bushes so quickly that the horses must have wondered whether they'd imagined it!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'll bet that was a pretty picture with his nostrils flaring, his eyes wide and his ear pirked up. I love Arabs. lol

I have one here that chases the deer.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr