Saturday, November 10, 2007


Lily and I headed out early this morning to watch some friends of ours show at a horse show. This is not Lily's first show. She went to her first show at nine months old. This picture was taken at the last show I went to with Kaswyn in 2004, and Lily hitched a ride.

I'm sure she was too young to remember anything about that show, but she really had a good time today. We didn't stay for long because it was cold and they didn't have donuts (They usually do! We got ripped off!). But we stayed long enough to watch three people do their tests, the last of whom was my trainer's mother. She was the third ride of the morning.

When the first horse came into the show arena Lily asked what his name was. I just happened to know the horse and I told her "Eli". Then she waved enthusiastically and said rather loudly "HI ELI!"

Oh my, was I embarrassed. He was about to start his test and I'm really lucky that he either didn't see/hear her or if he did he didn't care. I then explained to her that she had to be really quiet, and that she can say hi to all the horses she wants to after they get done riding in the ring. She was good with that.

After my friend rode and we went back to the stalls, Lily got bored and wanted to go home. So we headed home. But I think she'll come with me again tomorrow.

Here is what Lily says about the horse show -

"I love the horse show. And it's very fun and I like the horses. And I like everybody. That's all I have to say. It's so much people! And I like the horses and I like all the numbers on the stalls. I liked feeding the horses Honeycomb (her cereal snack). But one horse put horse snot on me. Yuck! It was gross."

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Rising Rainbow said...

Too cute about the horse snot.......I love it.

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