Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gimme a shout, would ya?

Since I had a bunch of questions regarding this splint bone injury in Kaswyn's left front leg, I decided to call Dr. B and ask if he would call me back to discuss other possible treatment options. He didn't call back. This makes me a little grumpy. I realize that he's busy, and I will admit that the last time I called him with a problem he called me back within 20 minutes. Also I know that this isn't any emergency, and we're currently treating Kaswyn in a way that I decided on. But I still think I should have gotten a call back. I know it's a holiday week but it's not Thanksgiving yet.

He needs to call me back. Tomorrow. Or I shall be very put out.

Not that a phone call from Dr. B can change how my horse is doing, which is just so-so. I rode about 15 minutes today and he felt a wee bit off in the front. It's probably nothing that anyone would be able to notice unless they were looking for it, and he was certainly ready to work, but I could feel it. I still get a nervous little ball in my stomach when I ride him and he feels this way, but I understand the logic behind low level work to continue to put pressure but not stress on the area to keep the healing process chugging along. After the shock wave therapy he didn't feel quite right but Dr. B assured me that if I just went slow with the work that he would get better, and he certainly did.

All I can do is hope I'm doing the right thing. If I am, once he gets back to real work I think that my new training plan will help prevent future injuries. Well, to that leg anyway.

Now I'm off to read more articles on the anatomy of the equine forelimb. Sound boring? If you ask me, it's better than reading about Britney Spears and her latest escapades. At least I'll be learning something.

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