Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I am still sick. I think I might be getting worse. I have too much to do to be sick! Someone needs to stop this.

Anyhow, I lunged Kas-Man today and boy did he feel good. Better yet, he looked good. I don't know if it was just my imagination but he seemed to be picking up that right hind better. I expected that he might bear weight on it better, but I didn't expect that the entire motion of the leg would improve. Kind of makes the left look a little lazy. Not bad though. I was very pleased. Tomorrow I will do a light ride, clip, and then bathe him for the show.

After I lunged him I decided to put him out on the grass for about an hour with Tao (he's a 34 year old Morgan gelding!) and Albert. Susan said "He's going to run." I said "No, I'll walk him out there and keep him on the lead line for a few minutes, he won't run." She said "Yes, he will." I said "Come and watch, he won't!"

Well, Little Miss Know-It-All (that would be ME) was wrong, wrong, wrong. He was a spaz just getting out to the grass part of the pasture, and then he wanted to trot circles around me. When I thought he had calmed down I let him free and he TOOK OFF! He cantered around and bucked and kicked. I'm sure it felt really good after being inside for six days. It lasted all of about 30 seconds and then he stopped to eat. He looked fine on that leg so I don't think he hurt himself, but I'm going to stick to my original plan of not putting him out anymore. It was a dumb idea, but I just hate locking my horse inside!

Then I got on Skyy, and he was pretty good. He did have a little tantrum at the canter and really took off with me. I was afraid that we weren't going to make the corner, but somehow I got him turned and stopped. That little episode cost him four more good canter departs. Tomorrow he'll get a clip and bath too.

Bert was my last ride. I only had 20 minutes to ride him, but he was a star. He had a little bit of an issue with the canter when he thought I wanted him to make a loop and I what I actually wanted was a change of lead through the trot across the diagonal. When he realized he had made an error he freaked out and bolted a few strides with his head in the air. I got him stopped, told him he was fine, and we started again. The next attempt was prefect, if a little tense. He always expects that I'm going to beat him up if he makes a mistake, which I have never done. Some habits just die hard, I guess. Tomorrow Albert will go outside at night, so he'll get his bath at the show on Thursday after our training ride. I'll clip him tomorrow if I can to save some time on Thursday. Now that's going to be a long day.

So I have a lot to do for the next few days, and all I really want to do is stay in bed. Luckily Craig looked at me during dinner and said "Look, if you feel bad why don't you take some medicine and go to bed after dinner? I can handle these kids while you get some rest." Now, how wonderful is he?

Some kind of wonderful I say.


Stephanie said...

oh boy... I will be thinking of you! I hope you get to feeling better real quick!!

Good Luck this weekend, hope it goes wonderfully!
I look forward to hearing all about it.

Anonymous said...

You so have a keeper in Craig! XOXOXO C

Chris said...

"I am still sick. I think I might be getting worse. I have too much to do to be sick! Someone needs to stop this." - spoken like a truly busy person!

I hate being sick, but only because it gets in the way of doing things!

Sounds like your wonderful hubby helped out a lot tho!

Glad Kas-Man is looking and feeling so good!

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