Monday, June 15, 2009

The downloading has begun

I'm just now starting to download all the show videos. It's going to take quite a while. Also I need to figure out a way to scan the test sheets, since I broke my scanner after I scanned the test sheets from the last show. It was up on the filing cabinet and I was fussing with the computer connection and sort of pulled the scanner down. It fell on my back and the glass broke. I really don't want to buy a new scanner so I'm going to try and convince Craig to take the test sheets to work and scan them for me.

I will finally ride again tomorrow. I took a week off from riding to take care of some stuff at home and to get Kaswyn to Dr. G's. It's been nice to have time to do other things besides ride horses, but I'm feeling pressure to "get stuff done" and make some progress on those ponies.

Yesterday and today I did ring maintenance, since nothing had been done to the arena since before the show. I had to pull all the footing off the kickboards, fill in holes, level out some uneven spots, water, then drag. When it was all finished I was able to lunge Kaswyn today. He looked sound, but it seems like he's only off when he's under saddle. So I will ride him tomorrow and Thursday, and then on Friday Susan can video us. My plan is to run the video right to Dr. G's and have him take a look. Hopefully he'll see something that will help him decide if it's stifle or pastern, and how to deal with it.

Skyy hasn't done anything since the show, and I feel guilty for that. However now that I've taken care of some things on the home front I feel like I can dedicate some guilt-free time to riding him. Albert hasn't done any arena work but he's done some police horse work at parades. Those are long days for him and Susan said she thought he was pretty tired after that, so I'm okay with him having some days off. He is seventeen so I need to watch how hard I work him. I guess I'm learning from my mistakes with Kaswyn. I don't want to hurt Albert too!

It will feel good to get on a horse again. I'm very much looking forward to it. I hope Skyy hasn't forgotten all the great progress we made at the show. Actually, I'm counting on him not forgetting - I'm going to expect much more from him at home now that I know what he is capable of.

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