Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday show

I'm tired so this is all I can post today. I'm still sick and my asthma is acting up so I have had to manage my coughing with my asthma meds as well as my inhaler. Not having a clear airway is more tiring than you might think.

So, Skyy was fantastic. He got a 62.1%, which is a qualifying score, and won his class. I'm thrilled! He just needs two more scores.

Kaswyn didn't feel quite right, or look right to my trainer. He wasn't lame, just slightly off. We debated about scratching him, but he got a little better with more work so we decided to keep him in. He didn't feel right in the test, even though the judge didn't mention that he was a tiny bit short on the right hind. He got a 61% and a second place, but I decided to scratch him for the rest of the show. It's not worth injuring him over since he's already qualified. Tomorrow we're going to get video of him trotting and cantering in the show footing (which is level and even) and then we're going to call Dr. G and my blacksmith for consulatations. Those two men aren't big fans of each other but I'm going to urge them to try to work together for the sake of this wonderful horse.

Albert was a star as usual and got a 64% and a third place. He is now qualified for Nationals at First Level. I'm so pleased with the way this horse works. He is an absolute pleasure to ride and show.

Of course there will be videos, test sheets, and more details once the show is over. But now I'm going to take a shower, some medicine, and get to bed. I'll update tomorrow unless it gets too late.


Mac v Mac said...

Fantastic! I so love reading your blog - show days are almost as exciting at this end!

Piccies! Videos!

Chris said...

Sorry to read that you're feeling so average but that's great about your horses and their results and qualifying! Congrats :D

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr