Saturday, May 30, 2009

More lessons

So here is what I remember from my lessons on Thursday. I didn't come home and take notes so I'm sure I'm missing stuff.

For Albert, him main problem is straightness. He has been carrying his haunches a bit to the inside, more to the right than to the left I think. So I just need to concentrate on making him straight without compromising the bend or quality of the trot. It's totally possible but I just need to work on it.

Also I can improve the canter if I start riding him in a more uphill balance. He's fine for first level but if I start thinking second level frame then I can make the canter have more jump and a bit of collection even at the working canter. That could help to improve my scores if I can do it without making Albert tense.

I have lots of video from Skyy's lesson. I had to break up the largest movie into three parts. You can hear my trainer talking about what I need to do, and see how well I was able to accomplish it. Or not, as the case may be.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Then we ran though Training Level Test 1.

And then Training Level Test 2.

He was really a bit of a stinker throughout the lesson, but I think he had improved by the end. I had all intentions of having to work through all the same things the next time I rode him, but since the lesson Skyy has been a star at home. If he can keep up this good behavior until the show is over I'll be thrilled! And we might be able to get those scores if he continues to behave and focus on his job. I just think he was pissy for some reason on the day of the lesson. It's too bad because if he had been better we would have been able to work on other things besides getting him on the bit and in a steady rhythm.

Kaswyn has been fine, but since we are on handwalking duty I don't have any idea how the leg feels. He doesn't look lame, so that's good. I think I'm going to keep him on no turnout until after the show. No need to tempt him into doing something dumb like he did before the last show.

And now for the bad news - I'm sick. I caught a bad cold/flu thing and so have the girls. Craig is as of yet unaffected. It's settling in my lungs, like it always does when I get sick, so I'm taking my asthma meds and vitamin supplements in hopes that I'll get over this before the show. I don't want to show if I'm sick but I will if I have to. It just won't be fun. AT ALL.

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Stephanie said...

I like the videos of your lesson and practice tests! And Stinker or not you two still looked good together :)

I really hope you and the girls are feeling better quickly!! Showing in that condition is just NOT fun.

Nice to read that Kaswyn seems to be on the mend!

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