Saturday, June 20, 2009

Movie time with Dr. G

After a week of bute and some time off I rode Kaswyn three times. I had Susan video the third ride Friday morning because Dr. G wanted to see how the stifle treatment went. He also wanted to see if the Surpass on the left hind pastern had made any improvement.

Before I headed over to the clinic I rode Mr. Skyy. That little boy is really getting the hang of the canter departs. I got three nice departs in a row each direction where he did not toss his head in the air. Very good boy.

Here is the video of Kaswyn -

Dr. G thinks that Kaswyn is better but still off in the left hind. He wants to put Kaswyn in Equioxx for one week and then see a new video. He said keep working him. This is hard for me because my horse does not feel right and I hate working him like that, but it seems like that is what I must do in order to help with diagnosis. The next step will be to have Dr. B come out and watch me ride. Then he will block the pastern and see if Kaswyn is sound on the block. If he is, we do shock wave therapy. It worked very well with the left front injury, so we'll try it again. Shock wave is preferable to injecting the joint because Dr. G said that sometimes you can get a fracture of the pastern after injecting there. And we certainly don't want that.

So I'm in the process of making an appointment with Dr. B. He's usually very booked so he'll probably not be available until after our week on Equioxx anyway. Hopefully I can get him out soon and we can start therapy. I have deadlines to meet, people!

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