Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday show Videos

I didn't ride until the afternoon on Sunday, but I still came out early to watch the other people from our training barn ride, and to help out where I could. Truth be told I didn't do all that much. Everyone that was at the show is very self sufficient and everyone is capable of getting their own horse ready.

Albert was first with First Level Test 4 again. He was feeling a bit tired, especially in the right hind. I think this could be from me insisting more than usual that he stay straighter at the canter to the right. This forces him to keep the right hind properly placed instead of putting it to the inside like he does most of the time, and it might have made him a little bit sore.

For some reason I don't have video of this test. Probably technical difficulties with my camera, since I know Skyy's owner was there to video the ride. Regardless, it was a very nice test. On that first lengthening I gave him just a little too much gas and he broke to the canter. My mistake. The second one was nice even though I didn't give him that extra push. The rest of the test went very well.

I rode for the same judge that I rode for on Saturday when I made the walk error. After my test was over he asked me how I finished in the Saturday class. I said "Fifth place." and he said "Fifth!? Damn! I thought you'd have been higher!" I said "I did have an error, so that affected my score." and he said "You did? Huh." I said "Yes", he started writing, so I said "Thank you!" and walked on. It's really nice to hear that the judge wanted you to place higher in the class. Obviously he likes the Bert since we got another 65%.

About one hour later I was supposed to show Skyy. I gave him only about 15 minutes of warmup time, because I gave him 35 minutes on Saturday and it was much too long. I was lucky on Saturday that they were running early, but on Sunday I was going right after a scheduled break so I knew I would not be early.

This test started out wonderfully. It was for the same strict judge that I rode for Saturday, but the test was all 7's at the beginning so she liked what she saw. Then we did the walk, or jigged instead, and things started to go wrong. Skyy got impatient and tense and the second half of the test was icky. She really nailed me on that last canter to trot transition - we got a 3. What started out as a test that could have gotten a nice score turned into a 58%.

I know what I need to work on with Skyy. Steadier connection with the bit, more push in the canter departs, and the ability to walk calmly in the middle of our workouts. He broke from the walk in all three tests, and that must stop. I have been practicing walk work at home, but obviously not enough.

Albert just needs fine tuning. More bend in the canter right, as well as more straightness. Better positioning in the leg yields so the haunches don't trail. More jump and slightly more round at the canter departs. Other than that this boy is ready.

And then there is Kaswyn, sweet Kaswyn. We just need to get that boy sound and free of pain. He knows his job and was actually a little wound up by Sunday afternoon because he didn't get to show Saturday and it wasn't looking good for Sunday either. I went into his stall and he ran up to the door and pushed me a little with his shoulder, like "Hey, it's my turn!" This horse really loves to show. I have got to do what I can to get him there again.

So only one more big recognized show before Nationals, and this one will only be for Skyy so that he can qualify. The rest of the shows will be schooling shows just so I can practice the tests. I'm not allowed to have a reader at Nationals, so I better get those tests memorized. You can bet your buttons that I won't make a mistake on the walk work in Training Level Test 4. I've got that movement down.


Katee said...

Thanks so much for posting the videos. It's so helpful to be able to see the stuff you're talking about. Congrats on the successful show!

Kfree said...

Hey was that at grand haven in ohio?

dressagemom said...

Katee -

Thanks! Hopefully the next show will be even better.

Kfree -

It was. All three days. :)

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