Saturday, April 03, 2010

To inject or not to inject

Dr. C came out yesterday and evaluated Kaswyn again. Unfortunately Kaswyn was still very sore over his haunches (what Dr. C called his whorl bones), although his back was better. He had me ride him and then checked him again. His back was even better after my ride, but his haunches were still sore.

He suggested another mesotherapy treatment, saying that we didn't get the dramatic improvement in his soreness that we got from the first treatment last time. While he was prepping the medications I thought about how Kaswyn had been running the fenceline at turnout for at least two weeks. Dr. C was interested in this, and I described how Kaswyn was running down the fence, stopping, spinning on his hind legs, and running back up the fence. I said "When I saw what he was doing I asked them to change the turnout situation because I was afraid he was going to hurt himself." Dr. C said "Well, I think he did hurt himself."

Dr. C said he suspects that Kaswyn strained his hocks and might be carrying inflammation there. Pain in his hocks would cause Kaswyn to not bend the joints, which would result in the stabbing motion we're seeing in the right hind leg. This stabbing movement makes the muscles that are behind the hip bones very sore. Normally he would just inject the hocks, but knowing Kaswyn's history he wants to try and decrease the inflammation with topical Surpass cream first. So Kaswyn got mesotherapy yesterday, another shot of Polyglycan, and topical Surpass twice a day on both hocks for four days.

I'll ride Kaswyn tomorrow, then again on Tuesday. Then Dr. C comes out again on Thursday. If Kaswyn's haunches are still sore, then Dr. C is going to want to inject the hocks. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Kaswyn's not really lame, but it is evident that his haunches are sore. Dr. C said "He's at about 90% right now, so you'd be injecting the hocks to get that last 10%. The question is, is that worth it?"

I don't know. I'll just have to think about it. Would time off make it better? Or should I just inject?


Anonymous said...

How old is he? I don't have experience in this at all so no advice from me.
I did read an article in Dressage Today on how to keep your horse from going lame and the author stated that the horses should be kept in small turnouts because if given a large space to run they could injure themselves by galloping and acting like, well, a horse, before their limbs and muscles are properly warmed up. Never gave this much thought until I read the article. I always though it was healthiest for a horse to have a large turnout, but more and more I realize most injuries happen out in the field.
Not sure where the happy medium is, mental health for the horse or physical health?

Hope he improves soon!

Mel said...

Karen c. Sent me the link to your post as I'm dealing with exactly the same decision on Monday with my Arabian dressage / endurance horse. I don't have any answers for you, but the feedback I've gotten so far from my trainer, the other students, my fellow bloggers (mostly endurance riders) is mostly positive, telling me to do it if it's warrented. My understanding is that it IS arthritis in the hocks it gets worse with rest and the best thing you czn di is treat and ride. I'll keep reading you blog for updates and love to hear if you have any insights about the issue.

Btw my email is if you want to chat about this not in the comments.

Rising Rainbow said...

If you don't, how long will it take to heal on it's own? If you do, how long will it take to heal?
Guess that's what I'd want to know before I made the decision. The 10% doesn't mean as much to me as the time frame, I guess.

I'm sorry to hear he's hurt himself again. You've got to be really frustrated.

Mel said...

That's an interesting perspective (about not turning them out). I guess it all depends on your management of your horses! I think the notion of not letting a hot horse drink came from the practice if not letting a stalled horse have free access to water, so after exersice it was possible for them to over indulge. Perhaps the same theory at work here?

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