Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here we go, again

I rode Kaswyn Tuesday night, and he's just not right. He's not lame, but he just doesn't feel right. Again. So, while I can't say the hock injections were a total failure because they probably made him feel better, they didn't solve the problem. Again.

As a result, on Friday I'm having a friend come pick us up and take us to see Dr. G. I think it is time for x-rays. Maybe all that running the fenceline in the pasture did something more serious than just strain his hocks.

This really sucks badly. He was going really well, and now this. I know I could eliminate a lot of the potential for injury by not putting him outside, but I would hate for him to live like that. So outside he will go, and act like a horse.

As usual when Kaswyn is off, I'm contemplating our future. We've always come though these times and been fine, but each time I'm scared of the one time when we don't make it. That will be the last time.

How do you replace your ideal partner?


buckpony said...

Wow, that's a tough one. Get through the x-rays and evaluation before anything else. I am so sorry he is still not right. Hopefully the x-rays will help.

I completely agree with you that horses should be turned out. I know I wouldn't want to live my life in a little matter how comfy it is. Please let us know how the x-rays go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good news.

Scarlett said...

Find a good performance horse vet... there are LOTS of tests that can be done - we have two horses being trailered to the LA area to see a certain vet clinic where they are going to do some radioactive isotope tests and mris and voodoo magic.

Arabs are notorious for their ability to perform well into their 20s (my boy's grandsire was learning his 1 tempis at 27, his son won a reserve national championship at 16 in SHUS.) So its more likely than not he's fixable.

its going to be OK. Hope is hard to have. hang in there.

Mel said...

I so totally hear you.

I'm faced with (yet another) injury on Farley and I'm scared. Each one has turned out OK, but what if it doesn't this time? I'm seriously contemplating not doing any more difficutl rides with her. I'm starting to feel like it just isn't worth the risk - she has nothing to prove to me.

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez! I hate to read this. I keep hoping you too are going to get a break.

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