Thursday, April 01, 2010

Back update

I think Kaswyn's back feels better since the mesotherapy treatment. I rode him on Monday and he felt good, and yesterday I lunged him and he looked good. He had tons of energy too. That might be because it's finally getting warm outside and he's feeling very springy!

Dr. C will come back out tomorrow, and I'll ride Kaswyn for him. Then Dr. C will check his back again to see if riding him made his back hurt. I'm a little concerned that the saddle is bothering his back, but I have had both the vet and the very experienced saddle fitter check it for me, and both said that the saddle was fine.

The one thing I might change is the gel pad I'm using. It's a bit small for the saddle, in that I think the gel pad should be bigger than the footprint of the saddle on his back by at least three or four inches on the sides. My gel pad is actually about an inch too small on either side of the saddle. So that might be causing a problem. I just need to find a gel pad big enough for the panels of the saddle. They are kind of big and wide so that the saddle can distribute the weight of the rider better.

Hopefully Dr. C will say that Kaswyn doesn't need another treatment. I hope I'll get to ride Albert Friday too. I've been short on time lately and he's been getting the short end of the stick. Not that he minds - he's been rolling in the mud like crazy and is currently crusted on both sides with that stinky pasture mud. Now that it's warm I predict lots of baths in his future, and he hates the wash rack! Poor Albert!

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