Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clinic Visit - Part 2

Part 1

Here is my wonderful boy, waiting for the nerve block on his left front foot to take affect.

After 15 minutes we went back out and did another flex test of the left front leg. First Kaswyn was just trotted up and back on the pavement, and you can hear Doc saying "It's to help him get used to the block." And then he says "Looks pretty good, doesn't it?"

Yes sir, it does look good.

Then the flex test of the left front. Negative.

Finally, lunging.

Clearly we had pain relief with the low block of the left front foot. So the next order of business was to get x-rays of the suspicious area. Kaswyn was very cooperative and stood still for the x-rays. The didn't even have to give him a tranquilizer. Such a good boy.

To get the most out of the x-rays, it's helpful to be able to compare them with older images so you can have some idea of how the structures have changed over a certain amount of time. Fortunately my horse has tons of images of the left front foot from several different years, so Doc was able to compare the images from 2006 to the ones that we took that day. Kaswyn definitely had changes in his foot in the last four years. Dr G was kind enough to let me video him while he did the x-ray analysis, which is awesome. This man blows me away.

And you'll get to see that video ... in Part 3!

To be continued...

Part 3


Scarlett said...

chestnut arabs RULE!

buckpony said...

Sure hoping for good news in part 3. This isn't pointing to navicular, is it? I don't know enough to even ask that, but just wondering. I wish for the very best for you guys. He is such a lovely boy - I just love his unique face marking.

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