Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tiny glimmer

Tonight I went out and rode the boy. I spent some time in the stall doing some stretching exercises with him, and then gave him a good grooming - he's shedding like a monster! His foot is looking much better, which is a relief. For our ride I decided to go with the snaffle bit instead of the full bridle, since I planned on doing a lot of stretching and bending and thought the snaffle bit would be better for that.

We started out on a long rein with him long and low. I made him stretch his neck out and give his back at the very beginning, then I picked him up a bit and asked him to alternate between extended gaits and working gaits, which I think really helped him get over and through his back. Finally when I asked him to collect a little he felt pretty decent. Not perfect, but worlds better than last night.

Since last night he's been on one gram of bute and I've been putting Surpass cream on his left front leg, so maybe that has something to do with him feeling better. Luckily I'm only giving him one gram of bute twice a day, and that should keep us well below the acceptable limit for showing (bute is a legal drug for use at shows, but only if the plasma concentration is under a certain amount, and it must be given no less than 12 hours before your show time).

Tomorrow night my trainer will come out and watch him go, then we will make the final call as to whether he will go to the show or not. I think he'll go. Albert will certainly go, and I'm happy about that, but I really want to show my boy again.

Two days until show time, and they still have not posted the ride times! Frustrating...


Katee said...

I really hope Kaswyn gets to show! You've worked really hard to get him ready and would just stink if it didn't work out.

I think you are making a super smart decision to dial back the planned shows because of the economy. It's not a fun choice, but it is a smart one in this economy.

I've dialed some fun horse stuff back in my world. Having the finances to keep my horse healthy and happy has to be my priority...even though that might mean not doing as many shows or buying new tack, etc.

Anonymous said...

Times still aren't up? And this surprises you how?

I'd like to come out and watch you go, so let me know what your times are when you get them. Sounds like The Weinner is doing better!

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