Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Show - Day 2

Again, a quick update tonight. More details tomorrow or maybe Monday when I get some time.

This morning I showed Kaswyn Fourth Level Test 1. He was SO excited to be back in the show ring that he couldn't think straight. Although he was sound, all of his adrenaline was clouding his brain and he just could not focus or concentrate. He wasn't naughty, though, and I had to laugh at his behavior. I also had some bad behavior and went off course, causing us to get an error and lose two points. We got a 57%, and second place (but there were only two of us in the class).

Albert was a star again for his First Level Test one ride. He was a bit strong at the canter but I was able to manage it into a nicer stride, and he ended up with a 66% and another blue ribbon!

Tomorrow Kaswyn does the Prix St George and Albert goes in First Level Test 2. I have Kaswyn's test memorized, but not Albert's - good thing I ride Kaswyn in the morning and I have until 2 in the afternoon to memorize Albert's test!

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Katie said...

You sound like you are having a great time! Good luck for tomorrow! Horses are so funny sometimes arent they?!

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