Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Excited times 2

The first excitement of the day...

After many years of trying to find my first riding friend, Jean, I have finally gotten back in touch with her. It's scary how easily you can fall out of touch with people and then have no way of reaching them. Even in this age of technology, some people are just not findable. Well, unless you pay a fee to some people finder service. And that is too much like stalking for my taste.

The last time I spoke with Jean I was married to my first husband. Two more husbands and two kids later and we shall finally talk again. Wow, how things have changed!

I'm also excited for my lessons tonight, although I suspect they will be challenging and tiring. I'm always tired after working a full day and then riding two horses, but throw two lessons on top of that and I'm going to be whupped. I forgot my video camera so no lesson footage - Susan is working late and can't make it to the lessons to run the camera anyway.

So today I'll leave work with a smile on my face, and probably come home the same way. With sore abs added just for fun.

11 days till the show! I have to start finding, organizing, and packing all my horse show junk!

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Katee said...

So, how did you finally track down your friend?

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