Monday, March 09, 2009

The decision made

I decided not to wrap Kaswyn's foot tonight. After I hand walked him I unwrapped the foot and it looked very wet, but it didn't really look infected. It did have a funky smell again, so I wiped it clean with sterile gauze pads. Once I got all the goo off of it I could see that some of the flap was adhered back to the foot, while some of it was not. I cut off the parts that were not stuck down and then pressed on the wound with the gauze to get it as dry as possible. Then I gave it a good coating with Aluspray.

I bedded his stall extra deep tonight - something that Susan is going to HATE tomorrow because my horse is a total pig in his stall and is much worse in deep bedding. He tends to poop and then walk through it, dragging it all over stall and burying poop under clean shavings. He just makes a huge mess and it's gross! However, I need to make sure the wound stays clean so he needs extra bedding. I'll probably end up cleaning his mess of a stall tomorrow anyway, so it's just more punishment for me.

Anyhow, if the wound looks good tomorrow and Kaswyn is sound I think we'll have a lesson. Here's hoping.

Horse show in four days.


STB Eventer said...

Aluspray is the best invention ever! I hope he heals well! Crossing fingers for you!

Katee said...

I think you did the right thing unwrapping his hoof. Here's hoping that it still looks ok this afternoon and you are able to have a lesson.

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