Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Show - Day 3

Whew! I am so tired. And sore.

I think Kaswyn was also sore today due to his antics in the ring yesterday. He was very uneven behind in his trot work. I couldn't feel it, but my trainer told me about it after my test. It was bad enough that she thought the judge might ring the bell and excuse us for lameness. We did Prix St Georges and he got a 55%, but not because of the uneven strides. He got a low score because we had quite a few yucky movements in the test. He got a 6th place out of 7.

Albert was wonderful again today, winning First Level Test 2, his fourth class of the show. He also ended up winning the First Level high point award, so that's really great! It's amazing that he won all four of his classes this show. It blows my mind.

More details later. I have girls to play with right now. :)


STB Eventer said...

Congrats on the great showing with Albert! :)

Too bad about Kaswyn's unevenness, but hey, after all you have been through, at least you got back in the ring. :)

Katie said...

YAY!! Go Albert!

Too bad about Kas! Hopefully that uneveness goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

Go you!!! and Albert - what a star :-) Kaswyn will back to being a star, he just needs some time to get his head (and body) back in the game.

Mandy said...

I was so excited to hear of your sucess at the show. Can't wait to see some video! (Please don't forget about that.) Also, if you are willing to post your test sheets, that would be very helpful to those of us preparing to show next weekend (me!). Thanks so much for the wonderful blog. I love checking in with you.

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