Thursday, January 26, 2012

January "Keep It Going" Weekly Post #4

The last Weekly Post in January's "Keep It Going" Theme. I like this one the best (besides the one Dressage Today chose for their program!)

Set The Bar

Everyone has times in their training where they feel like they lack direction. It’s easy to get in a rut and ride the same way, every time, and feel like you aren’t really going anywhere. In the winter that can cause you to be apathetic, and think “I’m not really DOING anything anyway, I can take a few days off.”

Start setting some goals for yourself. A schooling show. A clinic. Finally getting that clean flying lead change from left to right. Start small, and build on that. Having a goal of “I want to ride better” is far too broad, and can make you feel like you’ll never get there. Be specific, be analytical. How do you want to ride better? More stable seat? Quieter hands? Break it down, and work on that. Keep track of your progress by summing up your rides on a calendar. In a few months you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come. Start now and set yourself up for a beautiful spring!

Don’t hibernate this winter. Work hard, make progress, and have fun. You know you want to!

February's theme - Five Pieces of Equipment I'm Loving Right Now


Val said...

Since you mentioned it, any advice the for the clean flying change from left to right?

My horse changes slightly late in front. I think that I need to ask for a change in bend with the leg cue. I have been mostly passive with my reins during the change.

I know that you have lots of experience with flying changes so I just thought that I would ask.

I like your new series ideas and your more frequent blogging. Thanks!

Achieve1dream said...

This is always a good one. It is so important to break things down for both them and us. :) I'm loving these series.

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