Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January "Keep It Going" Weekly Post #3

January Weekly Post #3! This one I actually like.

Buddy Up

Sometimes it’s hard to keep motivated. You get the barn and you think “Hmm, what if I just lunge today” or “I’ll just hack’s winter, we could use some down time.” But all those easy days can add up, and make you think “What happened?” when show season rolls around.

Find a barn buddy with the same goal as yours – to get through the winter and actually take forward steps in your training. You don’t need to be at the same level – you don’t even need to be at the same barn! Just find someone who can motivate you by asking you “Did you ride today? You riding tomorrow?” A long distance buddy works too. Social networks and cell phones make great ways to check up on each other. So send that text, or instant message, that says “Hey, we did a great half-pass today. What did YOU do on your horse?”


Sonya said...

LOVE this idea! After moving to a barn where dressage was not popular with the western trail riders I stopped riding altogether. 3 years later we move to a barn closer to home with 2 devoted eventers I have been riding again for 6 months, taking lessons and competing again! We motivate each other and my husband is even doing his 1st western derssage test next month!

Achieve1dream said...

That's a great one. I didn't even think about the long distance buddy. :D

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