Wednesday, January 04, 2012

January "Keep It Going" Weekly Post #1

Welcome to the first installment of my Weekly Posts. The theme for January is "Keep It Going". This one is admittedly weak... ah well.

Pencil It In

For those of you with families, better weather brings more activities. Kids and spouses who aren’t horse-crazed probably get more involved on their own sports once spring rolls around. During the longer, warmer days of the year it easier for everyone to get time in on their passion. But the winter can put a serious cramp in everyone’s sporting activities. However, serious horse people have indoor arenas (and horses with hair). The winter calendar can be yours, if you play your cards right.

Try and plan out what might be going on for the rest of the year as far as the whole family’s activities go. You could find out that golfing doesn’t start until April, soccer in March, etc., so you might be able to take extra riding days. Talk it over and try to get just one extra riding day in a week. And then get your family to help you stick to it. Kids always enjoy ribbing their parents when given the chance, so let them guilt you INTO going to the barn. You can thank them later.

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Achieve1dream said...

Hehe that's a good one. Kids do love ribbing their parents. :)

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