Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Really, thanks

I wasn't implying that you guys aren't supporting me, because I know you are. I really do.

This is just hard for me because I'm not the kind of person to say "Hey! Look at ME! Look at what I'm doing over here! Woo! I'm great!" Self promotion is not something that comes easily to me, and I blush something fierce when I get compliments.

That doesn't mean that I don't believe in myself, because I do. I know I could do this blog-o-spondant thing and do a great job with it. I'm busting my ass trying to make the contest blog a good one. I want it to be entertaining and informative. I also want to learn something along the way, and I think I'm accomplishing all of these things.

But right now that is not good enough. I need to get more connected or I'm not going to stay in the running. And run is what I'll do, right up to the end.


Anonymous said...

Quick tip: In your YouTube video descriptions, add http:// before the links to www.livefromlexington.com, and they'll be hot/live, so people don't have to cut and paste or type in the links themselves. Also, you might want to just link directly to your blog page on the site so people go right to your page and vote. Good luck! Love the "Sheri's Great 8" idea!

Annabell Roberts said...

What do you need votes for ?

Jen said...

Holy bananas! It's awfully darn close, isn't it? *gulp*. Posted the badge on the blog and am almost finished with a lens on Squidoo for you (not much, but maybe it'll give you a bit of a hoof up ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Second place again!

Jen said...

I think I might still have a pending comment from yesterday, but that could have been another blog (do I know? nope). I don't really remember much of yesterday (well, other than almost getting whiplash while watching it zoom by at warp speed that is).
Anyhoo, I don't know if it will help or not, but I did a lens on Squidoo:
http://www.squidoo.com/WEGblog-o-spondent Pretty sure I slapped it on my Facebook page, Tweeted it, yadda, yadda...
Sure was glad to see you scoot back up into second place though (WHEW! :o)

Dressage Mom said...

Annabell -

I'm in this contest! -

Votes for me can win me a trip to the World Equestrian Games to be a correspondent for Purina. would be SUPER cool.

Jen -

Wow, thanks so much! I just fell behind here with the comment publishing. And that page is really super cool. I really don't know what to say. **blush** so I'll just say thanks. (and yes, I'm just a normal person, mostly) ;)

Jen said...

Anytime, toots.

Karen said...

I can't see the latest video of Kaswyn rolling on your contest blog. It gives me an error that says content has been blocked due to copyright concerns. Maybe there is music or something they are objecting to?

Mare said...

Sherri, I'm loving your blog posts on Live From Lexington! I especially LOVE the Great Eight posts! I simply can not wait until the next one! The videos add a lot to your already great writing! keep up the good work! I'm voting for you!

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