Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tweet it

Okay dear readers, I need your help.

I have a blog. I have a Facebook account. I don't have a Twitter account. Someone else already has, and has had it for awhile. I never made an account, so I'm not connected to the twitter community.

Here is where you come in. Can you Dressage Mom fans tweet this link and ask folks to vote for me? - Hopefully I'll get some re-tweets, and then some votes.

I've gotten a few emails from you readers out there showing your support for me. I'm really touched and blown away by some of the things you guys have said. So thank you for believing in me, reading my stuff, and voting for me.

If you want to say something to me but don't want to leave it in comments here, feel free to email me - dressagemomblog{at}yahoo{dot}com.

1 comment:

Rising Rainbow said...

I'll be glad to send a tweet with your link. We need to get your number up!!!!

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