Thursday, July 08, 2010

Gearing up

Okay folks, it's almost over.

This contest has literally taken over my life for the last month. I made phone calls, visited many barns, rode new horses, met some great people, and gathered fantastic information. Then came the write up and video editing, posting, and networking for votes. I'm pooped.

But right now it's time to kick it into high gear! The contest ends at midnight, Eastern time on Monday, July 12. Please vote every day until then to keep my numbers up. The fight for the second place slot is so very close and it could all come down to a vote or two in the end. Friend me on Facebook too - I post daily reminders to vote, plus info on what each blog post is about.

And let me just say the finale of the "Sheri's Great 8" series is coming. I was able to do a Dressage segment. It was incredible. Dressage fans, you won't want to miss it.

When the contest is all over I'll most likely take a few days off to regroup, then I'll be posting back here. I think. If I'm one of the two big winners I'm not sure what will happen. I'll keep you all posted.

Thanks everyone for your support. I wouldn't have gotten this far without ya!

Vote here!!


Anonymous said...

Sheri, we have been voting for you everyday, you so deserve this opportunity! From a fellow full time working mom of 2 and dressage rider (whenever I can fit it in).
Stay positive! Our votes will continue until the end!

Rising Rainbow said...

I've been voting and cheering and urging others to vote. I sure hope you get this. You're so right about that second place it seems to be a see saw battle.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you win!! That would be so cool! Ive voted for you everyday since the middle of june (: good luck!!

Dressage Princess said...

You're doing amazingly well! I am loving your Purina posts and voting like a madwoman. Can't wait for the dressage finale of Sherri's Great 8.

Katee said...

I've posted your link a couple of different places. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

Katee said...

When will the results be in? When will you know if you're going to the BIG show?

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