Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm still here...

...but really, I'm there ->

And I still need your votes.

And I'm really tired and sore. Tuesday I did the jumping phase of Sheri's Great 8, and tonight (two days later) the vaulting phase. Let me just tell you that my stairs and I are not friends. Who would have thought that jumping would make my calves hurt?!

All that aside, I'm having an absolute BLAST doing all these riding disciplines.

Now I need a shower and some sleep. *yawn!*


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like your having fun even if you are a little sore.

horseypants said...

Sheri, you got my vote! And not just cause I've followed your blog for a while. Watched all the had the best video and totally deserve to do this! GOOD LUCK.

Anonymous said...

Hi great blog!! This is my blog please check it out!! Ps. I am voting for you!!

Val said...

You are hands down the best choice. I hope that the voting reflects this in the end.

I looked at the other entries' posts and I was too bored to read them (even the one trying really hard not to be boring). Your writing, storytelling, and video is captivating and makes me laugh-out-loud!

Go Dressage Mom!

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