Monday, June 14, 2010

Live From Lexington Voting Starts Today!

Okay, so here is my blog site on the Purina Live From Lexington page -

You should be able to see my most current blog posts on the right side of the page. I should have one up there right now. It's a little blurb about me, as a sort of introduction. Click over to the page to read it, and while you're there VOTE FOR ME!

Vote every day! I'll keep reminding you, don't worry.

Thanks. Enjoy!


Grey Horse Matters said...

okay, this is day one. good luck!

Katee said...

WWOOOOO!!!! I'm so excited that they picked you and I will certainly be voting every day. Good Luck!

Country Sporthorse said...

Good Luck Sheri!

Karen said...

Good luck to you!! I am incredibly fortunate to actually LIVE in Lexington right now, and I'm working on becoming a volunteer at the Horse Park. I'm really rooting for you to win, and voting every day. On the (hopefully slight!) chance you are not successful, you and your family would be welcome to crash space at my apartment. I figure it's the least I can do for a fellow SCAdian. The Horse Park is also looking for extra volunteers for the event, which is a great way to experience it, for no cost.

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