Friday, September 22, 2006

A post that's not about my horse. I know, you're amazed.

I said in one of my posts that I would not be talking about work here. There are several reasons for this. One is that I don't want to get fired, which has happened to people who blog about their workplace. Secondly, I know that some people at work know about this web site, and even if I write in the most vague terms there people could figure out what and who I'm talking about.

So here is the thing. In every workplace there is drama. Not with the work iteself, but between employees. You can't expect a group of people with different backgounds, enthnicities, work ethics, and ideas to all get along all the time. Thus, the drama. This workplace is no exception. There are people who work hard, others not as much. There are some people who are favored by higher-ups, and still others favored by different higher-ups. There are workers who have close contact with each other every day who completely can't stand each other to the point that they only communicate in one work sentences, if they absolutely MUST speak. There are inconsiderate, dishonest, and apathetic people here too.

All of this was really getting to me on a daily basis. I was getting all stressed at work and was dreading going into work. Not because I didn't like the work - I really love my job. It was all the other bullshit that I couldn't take.

One day about two months ago I was thinking about this whole thing and I came up with a mantra of sorts that I say to myself when I start thinking negative things about the crap here. "I have to change my attitude because I can't change other people."

It works for a lot of things. Where I used to think "That person is not doing nearly as much work as I am." now I think "This is my work and I have to do it, regardless of what anyone else is doing." Where I used to think "This person is being unfair about this situation." now I think "This is the situation and it will not change, so I will try and not let it bother me."

Sometimes, however, I hear things that my little mantra just can't tackle. That happened today. So now I'm stuck with all this negativity that I just don't need. Or want. At times like these, I have another mantra. It goes a little something like this:



Laura said...

Funny to read that here when my Mother and I were talking about that very thing on Friday. Just came across your blog as I was watching the dressage horses on CBC this weekend. So nice to watch and I always wonder how they train them. Must be tricky to get them to walk differently on command. I'm glad people are still doing old arts like that. :)

Just listed your blog in the Open Directory>. I volunteer there.

dressagemom said...

Thanks! I've never been to that site, but now that I know about it I'll take a look around.

meredith said...

Hey Cheri,

my mom told me to read this blog entry because of certain "drama I've had @ work" it really helped. Thanks :) Hope all is good with you


Garlanda said...

LOL. Here you go, all thoughtful and constructive, then finish off with "kiss my ass." That's one of the things I appreciate about you. That's a perfect attitude to take. You go, girl!

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