Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mish Mosh

Wednesday is the day we take Kaswyn to the vet. Until then I'm just waiting and walking him so as not to hurt him if there is anything wrong with his legs or back or whatever. It's hard to go out to the barn and just walk him around, since he's acting fine and he looks great. Ah well, just one more day.

I'm taking off of work to go to the vet with Kaswyn. I haven't said much about work here, and I don't plan on it. See, I have heard that people have been fired for what they publish on their website. Most notably, Dooce. She's become famous for it, and the whole story even coined the phrase "being dooced", meaning being fired for your website. I don't plan on being dooced, but oh man I could publish some pretty funny stuff here that's work related.

I work in a fertility clinic. It's very gratifying to be able to make people's dreams come true by helping them have babies. It's very stressful work, but on the whole I really enjoy my job. Much more than I liked my previous job, which was doing scientific research at Case Western Reserve University. This job has the typical drama of any workplace, but also has the added excitement of including sexual content. Can't have babies without some sort of sex. So there are many situations here that make us laugh. There are also those "oh that's GROSS!" situations that aren't funny at the time, but are funny later when you're trying to entertain your co-workers. So you won't be hearing anything about my work. Which is a pity, but necessary.

I just got a call from Craig. He asked me when I was going to update my site. It's really amusing to me that he says this, because it used to always be me asking him to update his site. At first he had his panties in a bit of a twist about this blog, saying "Don't steal all the funny stories about the girls for YOUR site", to which I just laughed. Now if one of the girls does something funny we'll look at each other and say "You gonna blog that?". Oh, and we do this thing where we are fake mean to each other. I know, it sounds weird, but we act like we're pissed and sarcastic (out of earshot of the girls, cause we don't want them to think we're fightin'), and the other day during one of those sessions I let out a big "Kiss my ass! Go blog THAT!". Trust me, it's funny.

I guess you just have to be there.


Lil Kate said...

I can just picture it in my head. Something along the lines of "How to get a telemarketer off your phone: Have your wife in the next room yell 'Honey? Can you help me get this out of my butt?'"

Dressage Mom said...

Oh man, I had forgotten about that. Too funny!

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