Friday, September 22, 2006

Kaswyn likes herb

It was suggested to me that Kaswyn should take an herbal remedy for his navicular and subsequent lameness. Earth Angel Herbs has a formula call Nublada's Cure that is supposed to shrink all kinds of tumors and growths. I decided to call the lady and ask her opinion on if her product could help a cyst in the navicular bone. She said it would definately remove (not improve, remove) the cyst but it might take 8 months or so. She said she couldn't be exactly sure, it could also take as little as 4 months or up to a year. Additonally she carries a lameness formula which would help with the pain in his foot and should make him more comfortable during the healing process. I asked how long it would take for him to see some relief, and she said just a few days. So I thought I'd give it a try.

He started on the herbs on Sunday, the day after he was super lame after the neuroma injection. He wasn't good Monday and the vet came to see him Tuesday when he was 85% better. I rode him yesterday and he was still pretty good. Just a little short on that left front, but not as much, and pretty willing to go to work. Sure, I had to push him a little because he is kind of out of shape, but he was still willing to move forward off of my leg alone - no whip or spurs. I'm pretty happy about this.

Now, was it the herbs that have caused the improvement, or was it injecting the neuromas? The neruomas are still sensitive, so I guess I'm leaning towards the herbs. When I asked my vet if he thought the herbs could dissolve the cyst, he said it's certainly possible. I'm glad he didn't dismiss it completely.

I think if my horse recovers well that I'd like to take him back in a year to get another x-ray on that foot to see how the cyst looks. I'll be curious to see if it's the same or, maybe, gone. If it is gone, I'm going to shout the praises of these hearbs to everyone I know. Because I'm positive that nothing else that I've done could have caused the cyst to disappear. Unless I'm magic. In which case I'm going to be making a magic money tree. Lord knows I need one.


Lil Kate said...

If you get that magic money growin', can I join your coven? ;)

Dressage Mom said...

Sure. I'm gonna need laborers for the harvest.

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