Monday, April 27, 2015

Kaswyn's Birthday Bash - Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

Kaswyn was slowly recovering from his fall. I heard him start to chew and then he swallowed. He seemed steadier, and was able to look at me. I made sure he could see out of both eyes, and hear out of both ears. Then I walked around him and ran my hands down his legs. Everything seemed to be in the right place. The only injury I could see was on his upper lip, which he had somehow taken a chunk out of. It was pretty superficial and wasn't bleeding so I wasn't really worried about that. 

I ran my hands down his back, and he started to walk around me. Since he was willing to walk, I walked him around. He seemed very sound, and was becoming more alert to his surroundings. I walked him in a small circle in each direction and that's when I noticed that he didn't want to bend his neck. He was holding it absolutely straight out in front of him. 

My phone rang with the vet on the other end. She asked questions about what was going on with him, and had me apply pressure to him in certain places to determine where he had pain. In the end she said she could send someone out to x-ray his neck, but said that due to where I said he was sore, that he probably didn't break anything and had just really wrenched his neck muscles. She said that if he had a neck fracture that it would be difficult for him to stand, and that if he could stand he'd at least be exhibiting some neurological symptoms, which he was not. I decided not to have her come out, but that I would give him bute and if he didn't improve in an hour, or got worse, that I would call back. 

My farrier arrived just as I was finishing my call with the vet. I explained to him what happened, and he watched him walk away from him, then back towards him. Then he took Kaswyn's tail, and pulled him to the side. Then he asked me to do the same. What I felt is that Kaswyn resisted and pulled back against me when I pulled his tail. My farrier said that was a good sign. 

In the end, all that happened to Kaswyn was a very sore and pulled neck. His mouth started bleeding, so it's likely that the pop I heard when he fell was hit biting his tongue! So he got a few days of bute, his hay in a haynet for a bit, and lots of love. I was very lucky that he didn't hurt himself more seriously. I don't need any more scares like that! 

Three days later, he's outside in the sun, cute face and all. 

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