Thursday, April 30, 2015

First day out

I had been chatting with the barn owner and asked her if she thought the outdoor arena was ok for riding. She told me yes, it had been for awhile. 

Well damn! I hate to miss a good opportunity. So even though the weather was cool and cloudy, I went outside to ride Phil. 

We lunged first and he was a bit distracted by the new horses in their pasture next door. But all in all he was working really well. 

That is, until the two geese in the pond 25 meters away from the arena decided they needed to go someplace. They flew off in a fury of flapping and honking that sent Phil over the edge. He bolted and ran. It was all super exciting! 

We got ourselves back to work and he was really good again. Nice recovery, my boy! 

If you zoom in you can see one of the birds came back, and then walked towards the arena! Phil was not amused. 

Then we went inside and before I could get the bridle off of him, he rubbed his fave on the wall. Of course he caught the bridle on a hook, and of course, it broke. 

Good thing I have that bridle my sister got me for Christmas! Luckily Craig can stitch it for me. 

Let's hope we can ride outside tomorrow too! 

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Taya said...

Craig can stitch leather? How did I not know this?

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr