Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kaswyn's Birthday Bash - Part 2

Part 1

Kaswyn had just completely wiped out in the arena. 

I ran over to Kaswyn and he lifted his head up. He looked dazed, and was shaking. I told him to whoa as I clipped the lead rope to his halter, but he really wanted to stand. Before I could stop him he heaved himself to his feet, but he wasn't really standing. All four legs were still very bent and he was close to the ground. I was convinced that he was going to fall over. I just kept telling him "Kaswyn, you're ok, lie down, it's ok, you don't have to stand, whoa sweeite..." There was blood coming out of his mouth, and he still didn't look like he was clearly aware of what was going on. 

In between reassuring him, I shouted for the barn owner. She had just been in the barn feeding and I was hoping she was still there. I didn't hear her answer, so I called the vet. I told them I needed someone out right away, that my horse had fallen down. They told me they would have a vet call me back right away. 

As I waited for the phone to ring, Kaswyn slowly began to straighten his legs. Eventually he was able to fully stand, but he was really wobbly and his eyes looked very glassy. I still really wanted him to lie down but I know that horses feel more comfortable standing if they can. There was blood dripping from his mouth. 

I held onto his head, gently petting his neck and talked to him while I waited for the vet to call me back. 

To be continued...

Part 3

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Equine Snob said...

My gut has been sinking since the last installment, and this one didn't relieve it any... I'm waiting with bated breath, hoping for a happy ending!!

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