Friday, April 24, 2015

Kaswyn's Birthday Bash - Part 1

Kaswyn turned 24 on April 23, 2015. It was a regular barn day for me, so after work I headed out to the barn as usual. The only difference is that I wouldn't be riding because the farrier was coming out to take care of the boys' feet. 

When I got to the barn I knew that the farrier would be arriving within a half an hour, so I decided to turn Kaswyn loose in the arena. He loves to roll in the sand, plus sometimes he likes to herd me and chase me around. That day he decided that rolling was his first priority, but he was reasonably clean so I kept him moving instead of letting him roll. Then he gave up on rolling and started trotting around and enjoying himself. 

I took this short video of him at the trot because he was looking so great! 

He would stop every so often and look out the window or sniff the manure bucket, then he'd trot off again, occasionally cantering off halfway down the arena. He had taken a few bad steps with his back legs at the canter that day, and they looked like steps that hurt but he was able to quickly get his weight off the leg and recover just fine. I already knew that his suspensory ligaments were in bad shape, so I wasn't surprised that he had occasional pain at the canter. I was watching him the whole time, so I clearly saw what happened next. 

Kaswyn had just cantered by me, when his back legs gave out. They slid completely under his body, and his front end came off the ground. His momentum carried him forward on his back, until somehow he flipped completely over backwards. I heard a popping sound just as he landed. 

To be continued...

Part 2

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