Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Show - Sunday

I watched the video of Saturday's ride, and although it was a nice test I thought I could improve his gaits by allowing him to be more free and asking for more impulsion. So For Training Level test two I pushed him a little bit. Here's the test.

He got a little wild and wooly after that first canter, but other than that he did a great job for me. He scored a 68.929% and out of twelve horses he came in first place! The only other Arabian horse in the class was Pip, who scored a 63.571% and came in third. He also had the third highest score of the entire show. So close to Reserve high point!

I'm so pleased with Lee. He's really going to make somebody a fantastic dressage horse. At only four years old he acts like he's an old pro at this showing thing, and in one show has proven that he can compete against all breeds and not only be in the ribbons, but win a class with a big score. He's very willing, smart, and super laid back. He's got solid classical dressage basics and is uncomplicated to ride. I'm so very lucky to be able to ride and show him, but since he's for sale I know he won't be around forever.

If anyone is interested in owning this lovely horse, shoot me an email - dressagemomblog@yahoo.com. He is four years old, and is registered Half-Arabian (the other half is QH/Appy) and also with the Buckskin Association. He'll be in training and showing both Open and Arabian shows until he sells, and right now he's qualified for Arabian Region 14 Championships in Training Level Dressage, Open and Amateur. He only needs one more score of 62% or better to be qualified for 2011 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. I'd love to find him a great home! He certainly deserves it.


Val said...

Wow! He is so steady at the canter, especially considering his tender age. Excellent ride!

He will make a nice horse for someone, and I am sure that he will go fast with these lovely videos. Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Very nice! My 5 y/o can't even do that. She's got everything down, but the stretch at the trot. We've spent over a month trying to get that stretch, and it just won't come. Ah well! It takes time, I suppose.

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cool! He certainly looks like a lovely horse. Hope he finds a great forever home.

achieve1dream said...

I hope he gets a nice home too. He seems like such a nice horses. :)

Jen said...

Nicely done - congratulations to the both of you! :o)

Speedy G said...

Thanks for sharing! It was nice to see a test ridden with such a clear reader and a bit of feedback from the rider.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr