Monday, March 21, 2011

March Show - Saturday

I wasn't feeling 100% when I got to the show but I was going to ride anyway. I read a test for a friend of mine who was also showing, braided Lee, helped prep Pip for her first class. She was scared of one of the corners by the judge and spooked and carried on a bit, so during the lunch break I spent an hour with the gal riding her and we walked Pip around that end of the arena. I was hoping she'd relax and realize that nothing was going to eat her, but she still spooked in the same place in her next test. Frustrating!

Lee, however, who is only FOUR, and at his second show ever and first recognized show, went in and did a fantastic job with his test.

Yes, he broke twice at the canter and that's my fault. The first one was because I did too large of a half halt trying to get him balanced, and the second one I felt coming but wasn't quick enough with my leg to boot him up into a larger canter. Other than that I liked our ride. We scored a 64.5% and were third in a class of nine. That horse is a gem. He's for sale too, and no, I'm not buying him (but if someone wanted to wrap a bow around him and give him to me as a gift I certainly wouldn't turn him down!)

Onto Sunday, and Training Level test two!


Val said...

Nice stretchy trot! Lee has a lovely way of going, but I do not recognize the training level test 1. I guess it is time to order the new set of dressage tests.

HammerHorses said...

What a great little guy! Congrats on the great placings for his 2nd show!

Kitty Bo said...

I would never have known that horse was only 4. He did a lovely test. Is he full Arabian?

Rising Rainbow said...

Lee looks like a lovely horse. What a nice ride and you weren't feeling well either. Congrats!

Dressage Mom said...


He is Half-Arabian, and the other half is QH/Appy. He's really fantastic! :)

achieve1dream said...

You guys did great!

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr