Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the dog house. Part 3.

Part 1
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Macey started screaming "NOOOO!! MEGAMIND! I WANNA SEE MEGAMIND! WHAAAA!!!"

I said "Nope. And you know what? If you're going to have a fit please go to your room to have it."


So I picked her up, literally kicking and screaming, and deposited her in her room, where she continued to wail and thrash about.

I went back downstairs and Lily was wide eyed, and said quietly "Do I miss the movie too?"

Hmm. Lily hadn't done anything wrong, so it seemed sucky to punish her too. Meghan was on her way over, so I gave her a quick call. She agreed to take Lily with her and her son to the movie. I gave Lily money and instructions that she should be very good for Meghan. She promised she would be.

Macey was still wailing and kicking the wall in her room. I got out the timer and went upstairs.

"Macey, you have two minutes to calm down." I set the timer for two minutes and started it. "When this goes off, if you are still having a fit, you are getting a spanking." She screamed "NOOO!!" I put the timer in the hallway and went downstairs.

Ten seconds later, all was quiet. I waited another 30 seconds and went back up to try and talk to her. That ended with her throwing another fit, so I stopped talking, set the timer again, and went back down the stairs. Quiet again in ten seconds. We repeated this little dance for about ten minutes. Finally she stopped having a fit and just cried quietly.

Meghan showed up to get Lily. I allowed Macey to come downstairs, where she watched from the front door and cried (but not wailed) while we loaded Lily's booster seat, and then Lily into Meghan's car. Meghan's son said "Is Macey really not coming?" and Lily said "Nope, she blew it!" I thanked Meghan for taking Lily, and they drove away.

I went back inside, and Macey threw another fit. Again with the timer two or three more times, and she finally got it.

She was done. I held her and told her I loved her, and that I wanted her to see the movie, and I was sorry to have to do this. I made sure she understood why she was missing the movie. She was tired after all that, so we snuggled in bed and napped until they got back.

That was Saturday. I told Macey that if she behaved herself, listened to me, and didn't throw any fits, that I would take her to see the movie on Monday.

She kept her word, and I kept mine. The movie was funny, I got a little one-on-one time with Macey, so it was a win-win. And I think both girls will now believe me when I say I'll do something. I know that since then I don't have to repeat myself as often, which is nice.

Have we seen the last of the fits? I doubt it. But I think she's more aware of it, and she is working on it. That's all I can ask.

Now if I could just say I won't rake anymore. THAT would be progress.


achieve1dream said...

Yep, consistency is key. Just like when we're training our pets. At least they listen better hehe. I'm kidding. I'm glad everything worked out and that she is listening better. I was horrible as a kid because of a lack of consistency and boundaries. I have no clue how I turned how semi normal, kind and respectful (for the most part lol). Guess they got it right somewhere. :D

Mac v Mac said...

I love this! What great parenting!

Val said...

I love reading your stories!

Ms Martyr said...

I love a story with a happy ending. Good for you for staying strong and finally being able to reward good behavior.

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